Seasonal Promotions

Back to School and Fall Holidays are Perfect for California Pomegranate Promotions

Kids love snacking on arils, and they make healthy back to school treats! Top breakfast foods like oatmeal, cereals, or yogurt with a burst of flavor and color. Sprinkle over ice cream or frozen yogurt for a refreshing after-school snack. Set up displays with these breakfast and snack staples to double your sales possibilities.

For Labor Day barbecues: place large bins of pomegranates at the front of your store for impulse shopping. Be sure to set up a display as they are great for fall menus, as well as decoration!

For Thanksgiving through the Winter Holidays: make the season red with excitement by offering fresh whole pomegranates next to fresh packed arils. Demo during this season, and mix up decoration ideas with food serving ideas. Pomegranates dishes make for unique holiday menu planning. Visit our RECIPES page for ideas.

See our Crafts and Décor page for ideas on creating beautiful holiday décor with fresh California Pomegranates.

End the New Year with a splash: build a pomegranate display near the bubbly (and don’t forget the non-alcoholic versions)!