California Pomegranates possess the unique characteristic of having bold and beautiful red coloring. This red hue can be strategically used in your produce department as a striking color break from other fall fruit, such as table grapes and persimmons. You may also wish to generate interest by displaying pre-packaged juice and arils along with the whole fruits.

Set up 3-step No Mess Demonstrations

Use the California Wonderful Pomegranates’ limited availability to your advantage: order a sufficient quantity for customers and set up demonstrations of the No-Mess process in your store. Since pomegranates are not available for long, maximize your profits in a short time. California Pomegranates are the hit of the fall fruit – don’t miss out on the excitement and substantial profit opportunity!

Pomegranates offer many eye-catching merchandising opportunities. Being available for a relatively limited time, pomegranates can be promoted as a seasonal treat not to be missed. They are also a natural match with the fall holidays, on hand for cross-merchandising from Halloween through the New Year. Displaying pomegranates in a variety of store departments can remind customers they are not only superb to eat but also look lovely on a holiday dinner table as decoration. Place with straw cornucopias, multicolored corn, and gourds for harvest décor. Or, display a bright basket next to a cooler with pomegranate juice for a refreshing fall display.

See our Crafts and Décor page for ideas on creating beautiful holiday décor with fresh California Pomegranates.

Highlight the health benefits of pomegranates: not only are they delicious and beautiful, they are also among the most nutritious fruits one can eat. Pomegranates are low in calories, high in antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, and are a good source of fiber.