Foodservice Promotion

Pomegranates can add a “Wow” factor to your menu and your profit line

Take advantage of the pomegranate’s still-surging popularity and versatility by featuring pomegranate drinks and dishes on your menu. Adding unique and beautiful pomegranate arils to menu or bar items allows for a $1 up charge. Juicy arils pack a visual punch in any dish, and the distinct flavor and magnificence of the juice can turn the simplest of drinks and dishes into coveted specials. Tout the pomegranate’s amazing health benefits, and you have a superstar on your menu. With a refrigerated shelf life of up to 6 days, you can make pomegranate’s arils and juice work for you. Eliminate any worry of waste by simply freezing any unused juice and arils for future use in sauces or smoothies.

Ordering and Handling

Pomegranates can be ordered in a variety of case and fruit sizes. Each pomegranate holds 840 seeds. Keep pomegranates in a dark, cool place; they will hold up well, when properly stored. Seeds can be refrigerated for up to six days. Freeze seeds in single layers, then transfer to airtight containers and keep frozen for up to six months. Juice can be frozen in ice trays for future use in drinks or sauces.