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Handmade Holiday Garland

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Fresh fruit

10-12 pomegranates with stems (If you are lucky enough to have a pomegranate tree in your yard, cut the fruit with plenty of stem/branch left on the fruit. This will allow you to attach the fruit to the wreath.)*


Flowers or greenery

Garland of fresh pine or other greenery

Dried berries (with stems)

Walnuts (optional)


Supplies needed to make 1 door garland:

Florist wire or fishing line

Brightly colored ribbon or bows

Strands of holiday/Christmas lights

Twist ties or small pieces of yarn



Clippers and scissors (to cut the wire or fishing line)




1) Spread paper on the table. Gather the supplies and pomegranates.

2) Measure the location where the garland will hang or be placed. Allow for draping or curving and for hanging loops, if desired.

3) Mark the center with a twist tie or by tying a piece of yarn at the center point.

4) Use florist wire to tie pomegranates and other adornments to the garland. Wire the stems firmly and be careful not to cut through the stems.

5) Tie on the fishing line or florist wire at one end of the base. Work with the line or wire still attached to the spool or paddle.

6) At the center, stop. Remove the twist tie or yarn. Either reverse the direction the stem ends are pointing towards, or start the wiring process again from the opposite end, working towards the center.

7) When the garland is completed, return to the center point.

8) If the garland is to hang over a door or window, the mid-point decoration helps center the garland and insures that foliage in the garland hangs the same way on each side of the door. If you are going to use the garland on a table or drape it down the stair-rails, it is not necessary to reverse direction and make a mid-point decoration.


*If you are unable to cut your own pomegranates with stem, you may also create a similar wreath using dried pomegranates. Once dried, you may drill into the dried pomegranates to create a hole for threading the twine or wire through the pomegranate.


Making a garland takes time. Allow 3-4 hours.

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