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Pomegranate Celebrations Centerpiece


Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Fresh Fruit

6 pomegranates



1 8" x 4" glass bowl

2 blocks floral foam

12 6" wood picks

(W.J. Cowee wood picks have a non-toxic stain that can be used safely on fruits and vegetables. They can be purchased in most flower shops.)


Fresh Flowers & Foliage**

6 red roses

5 stems green leucadendron

7 bacarra roses (deep red)

4 stems green viburnum

2 stems bupleurum

4 stems aspidistra leaves



Knife for cutting foam

Knife or scissors for flowers



Remove stems from aspidistra leaves, and line the bowl along the sides. Soak two blocks of floral foam in a full sink or tub of water. Allow the foam to free-float and sink as it absorbs water (do not force the block under water). When the foam is fully soaked, remove from the water, and allow the excess moisture to drain. Cut the foam with a knife to fill the container. Keep leaves pressed against the sides to prevent foam from being visible from the outside.


Insert two wood picks into the base of each pomegranate, and insert them into the floral foam. Next, insert viburnum and leucadendron, and then roses. Separate bupleurum into smaller pieces, and tuck them into the bouquet. Move arrangement to where it will be displayed. Add water to the bowl, so flowers have a good water reservoir, but be careful to avoid spillage.



Note: Try different combinations of green and red flowers along with the pomegranates. Dahlias, hydrangea, carnations, chrysanthemums, green millet and green wheat are just a few possibilities.


*Typically available from a craft store or florist.

**Only available from a local florist.

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