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Retail Marketing

California Pomegranates are Available from August through December

Some varieties available into January

Late summer varieties include Foothill Early, Urbanekgranate, Angel Red, and Early Wonderful - all splendid to advance pomegranates in the minds of consumers as the CA season starts.

However, nothing is as ‘wonderful’ as the much prized and sought-after Wonderful variety. Prepare to display the Wonderful prominently when they come out in October and endure thoughout the CA season.

All featuring high quality, eye-catching graphics, a variety of packaging options are now available from CA shippers, including standard boxes for bulk displays, open top club packs, and bulk bin displays.

Ask for the current season's POS materials, which as available from some of the top pomegranate shippers each year.

California Pomegranates possess the unique characteristic of having bold and beautiful red coloring. This red hue can be strategically used in your produce department as a striking color break from other fall fruit, such as table grapes and persimmons....
Back to School and Fall Holidays are Perfect for California Pomegranate Promotions   Kids love snacking on arils, and they make healthy back to school treats! Top breakfast foods like oatmeal, cereals, or yogurt with a burst of flavor and color....